Since 1992 we offer integral solutions to the agriculture producer.

We promote, with highest level of demand, the values that characterise our business management.

ETHICS: In the relationship with professionals, with our clients, in the strategic and commercial decisions and in the scientific-technological connection.

QUALITY: Always present at each step of the process that takes part when conceiving our products granting reliability and excellent results.

LEADESHIP: We focus our efforts and sacrifice in order to strengthen our position as a leading company in hygiene and animal health not only in Latin America but in the rest of the world.

During all these years we have developed a great variety of products that we provide the different markets where Weizur is present.

Business Lines

This portfolio is split into three commercial divisions aimed to fulfill the needs of the producer and always having in mind our commitment to quality.

  • Hygiene and disinfection Featured by our teat sealants, detergents and disinfectants.
  • Veterinary products Characterised by our injectable, oral and topical application medicines.
  • Equipment Outlined by a wide scope of solutions for animal comfort and production machinery.
  • Industrial Hygiene

Since our beginning we have prioritised a constant technological update, a permanent quality promotion and excellence through the people and companies of Weizur Group. Flexibility and quick adaptation to changes, to mention some, are our competitive advantages.

As from 2012, and renewed each year ever since, our facility located in Gral. Mansilla has obtained Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification granting the quality of our products and allowing us to export them to the strictest markets of the world.

The outstanding level of investigation and development achieved thanks to the interaction of professionals of different disciplines and countries along with high complexity equipment result in products of last generation and of great added value.

We do not only produce and commercialise but also give personalised support by the hand of experienced veterinarians and technicians in order to get a closer approach to our customers.

Each one of us, who is part of Weizur, bet on continuous growing with the same initiative and great spirit of overcoming in a warm environment and fellowship that contribute to a better and greater production and service-minded.



  • Hygiene and disinfection
  • Veterinary products
  • Equipment